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Professional and Academic Associations:

Tokyo Bar Association, NY Bar Association

Backed by considerable experience in litigation, Takashi Hatsuse has played a leading role in providing practical legal advice, mainly for financial institutions and specializes in representing banking corporations in lawsuits, protecting clients against organized crime, and assisting with due-diligence for outbound M&A. Recently, his practice has also focused on financial and tax strategies (loans, leasing contracts) for funding renewable energy generation projects (solar/wind power), and providing legal services for Japanese companies to ensure responsible corporate governance, especially in terms of dealing with antitrust authorities in the US.

2000 Passed Japanese national bar exam

2001 Hitotsubashi University (LL.B.)

2002 Admitted in Japan and joined TRC

2015 Georgetown University Law Center (LL.M. in International Business and Economic Law)

2015 Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP / Washington, D.C. Office (Visiting foreign attorney)

2015 Returned and resume working at TRC

2016 Admitted in New York

Main Practice Areas

Compliance, Regulations & Risk Management
M&A / Corporate and Organizational Restructuring
Dispute Resolution
Antimonopoly Act, Antitrust Laws, Subcontracting Act, Premiums and Representations Act
Finance Transactions

Principal Activities

Pro bono witness for bone marrow donors / Mr. Hatsuse serves as a witness during the final pre-surgery confirmation of whether donors and their families understand and accept the risks explained by their doctors (2009 – present).

Principal Publications

“Legal Affairs Q&A: Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Renewable Electric Energy and the Business of Generating Electricity Using Unused Land,” Shoko Journal No. 458 (the Shoko Chukin Bank Institute of Commerce, Industry&Economics, Ltd, 2013)
“Effect of Gang (Organized Crime Groups) Exclusion Regulations on Civic Life” (Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd., 2012) (co-author)
“Q&A on Handling of Organized Crime Groups,” Citizens and the Law No. 74 (Minjiho Kenkyukai Co., Ltd.,2012)
“Legal Affairs Q&A: Cancellation of Spin-offs and Fraudulent Acts that harm the Interests of Creditors,” Shoko Journal No. 437 (the Shoko Chukin Bank Institute of Commerce, Industry&Economics, Ltd, 2011)
“Legal Affairs Q&A: Issues with Reservation of Proprietary Rights in Buying and Selling,” Shoko Journal No. 421 (the Shoko Chukin Bank Institute of Commerce, Industry&Economics, Ltd, 2010)
“Trust Act Practice and Commentary Q&A,” Gyosei Co., Ltd, 2008 (co-author)

Principal Seminars

“Real Examples of ‘Model Contracts’ Used in Renewable Energy Generation Projects and Legal Points to Keep in Mind for Each Role,” Financial Management Forums, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, January 25, 2013
“Defending Companies against Organized Crime,” Management Strategy Research Institute Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, February 19, 2010 / February 20, 200



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