Uruma Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation

Nao Yoshizawa, attorney-at-law, patent attorney, certified fraud examiner, information security specialist and managing partner

Memberof the Daini Tokyo Bar Association


[Major Professional Experience]

2000: Passed the National Bar Examination

2002: Completed training at the Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan

Joined the Asahi Koma Law Offices (currently Nishimura & Asahi)

2009: Founded the Uruma & Yoshizawa Law Offices in Akasaka, Tokyo

2012: Founded the Uruma Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation; relocated the Tokyo office of the Uruma Law Offices to Marunouchi in Chiyoda ward and opened offices in Osaka and Nagoya

2013- Audit & supervisory board memember of the company listed Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section.

2015- Audit & supervisory board memember of the company listed Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section.

2017- Aging2.0 Japan chapter non executive director

2018- Alchemist Accelerator Mentor


[Academic Background]

1999: Graduated from the Graduate School of Law at Hitotsubashi University 

2015-6: Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University's Medical and Biotechnology Innovation  Management Course. 

2016: Completed Stanford law school certificate of law,science&technology understanding US intellectual property law

2016-7:Tokyo University school of medicine regulatory science certificate.

2017 :Completed Haas School of Business Executive Program "Venture Capital Executive Program"

2017-:Haas School of Business Executive Program "Business Excellence" in school."Digital Transformation Strategy, Corporate Business Model Innovation"

2018-Stanford Online on Coursera "Machine Learning" Certificate of Completion.

2018-HarvardX Contract Law Cetrificate of Achivement on Edx online.

2018-HarvardX Bioethics: The Law,Medicine and Ethics Reproductive Technology and Genetics Certificate Achievement on Edx online.

2018-University of Michigan:  Data Science Ethics Certificate of Achievement on Edx online

2018-UC Berkeley Engineering Executive & Professional Education "Commercialization of Disruptive Technology" in school


[Major Academic, Research, and Group Affiliations]

Member, Interpretive Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading Formulation Committee Working Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Member, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project—Information Grand Voyage Project System Response Working Group

Member, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project—Software ADR Use Promotion Investigative Committee

Member, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project—Investigative Committee for Research on and Promotion of the Expansion of Information Services and Software Transactions

Mediator Candidate, Importance of ADR Mediation in Outsourcing, National Association of Trade Promotion for Small and Medium Enterprises

Mediator Candidate, Importance of ADR(for software development dispute) Mediation in Outsourcing, Software Information Center in Japan

Member, SOFTIC Research Committee on Software Agreement-related Court Cases

Member, Digital Content Association of Japan

Supporting Member, EC Network

Member, Japan Association of Industrial Property Law

Member, Law and Computers Association of Japan

Member, Law and Intellectual Property Committee, Computer Software Association of Japan

Member, The Copyright Law Association of Japan

Member, Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals

Member, Japanese Association for Business Recovery

Member, Japanese Global Network for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Memebr/Mentor, MIT Venture Forum 

Member, Japan Internal Control Association

Member, The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs

Member, Academy for International Business Transactions

Member, The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law

Member, The International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Member, The Cloud Security Alliance Japan Chapter.

Member, The Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association

Member, The Japanese Association for Medical Informatics

Member, The Medical AI organization


[Major Publications]

“Everything about Business Turnaround Procedures” (Co-author) (Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2003)

“Everything about The New Bankruptcy Act” (Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2004)

“My Software Development Subcontractor Outsourced to a Third Party! How Can My Company Protect its Rights?” (Business Law, January 2004 edition, Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.)

“Hospital Turnarounds: Strategy and Law” (Nikkei Medical Custom Publishing, Inc., 2005)

“Practical Responses to Protect Yourself From Trouble with Subcontracted Transactions,” Corporate Practice, June 2008 edition (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing)

“Outline of the Revision to the Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading,” Law & Technology No. 41 (Minjihokenkyukai Co., Ltd., 2008)

Commentary article in “Supplement NBL124: The Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading and Commentary” (Shojihomu Co., Ltd., 2009)

Research Report on Types of Contracts Used in Transactions in the Information Service and Software Industry and Examples of Dispute Resolution (March 2010, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project)

(Special Edition) Disputes between IT Vendors and Users Over System Development Agreements: Examples of Disputes Seen in Court Cases (Business Law Journal, May 2010 edition)

FY 2010 Project on Infrastructure Development in Japan’s Economic Society (Research on Information Services and System Development Transactions) Report (2011, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project)

Legal Practice for Information Networks, revised volume, “On the Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading and Commentary,” Dai-Ichi Hoki Co., Ltd., 2011

I. and II. Maneki TV Case (Supreme Court of Japan Ruling, January 18, 2011) and II. Rokuraku II Case (Supreme Court of Japan Ruling, January 20, 2011) in “The Newest Copyright Court Cases You Should Know,” Patent, April 2012 edition

Guidance of recommendable Information Technology regulation books in Japan(Lexis Nexis Japan. Article of ”Business law Journal”, February 2013 ) 

The way to use Social-media effectively from legal point of view (Minjihokenkyukai Co.,Ltd., September 2013)

Information Security Strategy for Medium sized company(Mizuo Joho Soken  Co.,Ltd., ”Business Topics”, August 2013)

Japanese Personal my number system and Gurdianship System for Eldery peoples. (Minjihokenkyukai Co.Ltd.July 2015)

Commentary article in "Supplement NBL158":The Guidelines on Electric Commerce and Information Property Trading and Commentary"(Shoujihoumu Co.,Ltd.,2016).

Check point in case to enter into Insurance Agreement for Data Breach(Lexis Nexis Business law Journal Jan 2018)


[Major Lectures]

Kanagawa Prefecture Delegated Project—Yokohama Foundation For The Advancement Of Life Sciences, “Bio-business Partnering,” commentator (2010)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project—Software ADR Seminar (2010)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegated Project—Seminar on the Prevention of Trouble in Information System and Software Transactions (2011)

Business succession consultation held by the Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. (2011)

Seminar for TSE First Section-listed companies on laws related to the prevention of overseas corruption (Comparison of the United States, United Kingdom, and People’s Republic of China with Japan) (2011)

SOFTIC ADR seminar: How to Prevent and Resolve Sofware Disputes (2012)

Claim collection seminar jointly held by the Japan Finance Corporation and the three Tokyo bar associations (2012)

Training for newly appointed officers of TSE First Section-listed companies (including case-study exercises based on recent scandals) (2011–present)

FY 2012 Hitotsubashi University Josuikai Alumni Association sponsored course, “Practical Guidance on Society”: The Proper Business of an Attorney (2012)

FY 2014-2015 Hitotsubashi University Josuikai Alumni Association sponsored course,  “Practical Carrier seminar on IT Professional Business”: Cross Border Personal Data regulation over the Wold (2014)and Robotics ,medical information technology&block chaine (2015)

Corporate Turnaround Seminar and Workshop for managers of Bank at Training Center runned by Regional Bank Association of Japan(2012-Present)

“Practice Seminar on Corporate Rehabilitation (Advanced) - Rehabilitations and Business Successions of Medical Entities and Nursing Care Business” (Local Bank Association, 2015)

“Corporate Transactions and Consulting for Small and Mid-size Companies” (Business Succession Cases) (Local Bank Association, 2015)

"Future Global Innovation Forum with Venture Capitalist from Silicon Valley and ICS Associate Professor Fujikawa " at Alumni of Hitotsubashi University"(2017)

"Digital Health Innovation Lecture" for university student at Hitotsubashi University collaborated with K.K.Welby CEO Takeru Hiki.(2017)

"Digital Health Innovation and Legal Matters" at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.(2017)

"Healthcare Innovation Conference" at Alumni of Hitotsubashi University collaborated with Fumiaki Ikeno Stanford University's Bio Design Program Director, Kaori Iida Professor Tokyo Medical and Dental University and so on.(2018)


[Major Qualifications]


Certified fraud examiner


Qualifications in personal information protection and as a corporate information manager 

Japan Information-Technology Engineers Examination (IP/FE/AP/SC[Security Specialist]) 


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