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General Corporate Law and Compliance

In addition to our other practices, our firm offers consultation and advice on the everyday legal issues that inevitably arise as part of corporate activities. We also handle multiple kinds of preventative and strategic corporate law with an eye to responding to sudden disputes. We have a track record of results over an extremely wide range of fields, including: drafting, review, and negotiation of various types of agreements in Japanese and in English; the incorporation of many types of companies; capital policies such as the acquisition of own shares; matters related to shareholders’ meetings; handling violations of competition law (e.g., the Antimonopoly Act, the Subcontracting Act, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, etc.); and advice concerning the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and regulations under industry laws. We also place an emphasis on offering a broad range of legal services related to compliance, such as the drafting and review of compliance regulations and compliance manuals, as well as increasing awareness of compliance.



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