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Our firm has a proven track record in a large number of M&A transactions, including high profile deals. We have employed a diverse array of M&A methods in transactions handled by our firm—including mergers, company splits, stock transfers, and business transfers—and have coordinated complex, high-difficulty deals such as management buy-outs and going-private transactions. Our attorneys have practical experience working for investment funds and securities companies. This experience is brought to bear throughout the entire M&A transaction process, from structuring to implementation, to provide our clients with advice that incorporates both industry best practices and business acumen. Our attorneys go beyond simply drafting and negotiating M&A agreements and performing legal due diligence with care and efficiency; they listen closely to clients’ needs in order to create the optimal transaction structure, and manage the entire M&A in close consultation with specialists such as tax counselors, accountants, and financial advisors. We remain actively involved in M&A transactions after their completion to pave the way to successful M&A transactions—for example by providing legal support for post-merger integration. Our firm also offers back-office support services, such as furnishing our clients with supplementary legal advice when tax counselors, accountants, other specialists or financial institutions provide our clients with M&A advisory services.


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