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Risk Management and Scandal Response


Today, the importance of business continuity and recovery planning needed to respond to natural disasters or scandals surrounding a company, such as embellished accounts, information leaks, or illegal acts, is clearer than ever. New fields are currently being created that can no longer be handled by a risk management consultant alone— the need to comply with Japanese and foreign laws regarding prevention of corruption of foreign public servants is one such example. Additionally, in light of the recent trend towards a greater social focus on corporate scandals, there are multiple examples of a scandal being compounded with an inept response that is particularly detrimental to corporate credibility and the very existence of a company itself. 

Against this background, our firm possesses experience in supporting relaunches after scandals in addition to our work on third party committees examining scandals involving listed companies and administrative bodies. Our firm also advises on the formulation of litigation prevention measures, measures to prevent the recurrence of scandals, and measures that can be taken in advance with respect to risk management. Furthermore, our firm’s advice is grounded in not only a legal perspective but also a risk management perspective as well.


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