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Securities Issuance (Capital Markets)

Our firm provides advice on issuing securities (i.e., capital markets), supported by our core of attorneys who have experience in securities issuances—including large-scale and well-known issuances of shares, convertible bonds, and company bonds and the like—by numerous issuing bodies in Japan and overseas (including J-REIT).

Specifically, we provide advice on Japanese law and implementation support during the issuance of foreign bonds and hybrid bonds on overseas markets by Japanese and foreign companies, including advice on listings, initial public offerings (IPO), global offerings, and Euroyen bonds with share options. Our firm also provides services related to the composition of solicitation for real estate investment corporations (J-REIT), advice on various types of disclosures and insider trading regulations under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and legal advice on timely disclosure under securities exchange rules.


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