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Tax (including International Tax)

Any business transaction or dispute must be discussed, analyzed or proposed by considering both the tax and legal perspectives.  Regarding M&A cases, business restructuring or joint venture, an appropriate legal scheme cannot be provided without understanding taxation at the time of the transaction and into the future.  Concerning business succession or inheritance, it becomes increasingly difficult to resolve or protect a company’s interests where a structure emphasizes tax favorability, if a dispute arises between related parties.  Since one of our lawyers has worked at the National Tax Agency, Uruma provides legal advice that considers the tax perspective including a risk analysis of the likelihood of rejection by the tax authority, by cooperating with various major tax-accounting firms, tax accounting firms specializing in estate/asset tax, various ex-tax authority officers, foreign accounting firms, and specialists in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

Business succession and inheritance

Planning and consulting regarding in-bound transactions by foreign entities

Real-estate investment (domestic/foreign) by individuals (resident/non-resident)

Investment in Asian countries via Singapore by a Japanese company

Other cross-border transactions by a corporation/individual (including withholding tax, overseas transfer, permanent establishment, transfer pricing, anti-tax haven taxation (Japanese Controlled Foreign Corporation rules), thin-capitalization rules, Japanese earning-stripping rules, tax treaties)

Intellectual property and licenses

M&A and business reorganization

Business restructuring and bankruptcy



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